Acne-scares, whether they are post-surgical or post-traumatic, scares can be difficult to live through and may cause discomfort or a hindrance from other people’s glance.

Today, different treatments can be offered to reduce or even completely erase the scars.

Depending on their location, depth and “type” of scar (“normal”, hypertrophic or keloid), a suitable and tailored treatment is offered to the patient.

The method used are the following:

– The CO2 or Erbium ablative laser, fractionated or not (recall to fractional laser)

-PlexR (see PlexR)

-Peeling (see peeling)

-Hyaluronic acid injections (see injections)

The number of sessions and their frequency varies depending on the treatment offered to the patient and the type of scar. No matter what treatment is used, a local anesthesia will be done by applying a cream 1 to 2 hours before treatment.