Mesotherapy is a French medical technic, which was developed by Dr Michel PISTOR in 1952. This technic consists in injecting minimal doses of medication at a shallow depth with very thin syringes, as close as possible to the lesion location or its origin, where the disease is, where the pain is expressed, with low adverse effects.

According to its creator, “mesotherapy is the most gentle allopathy and the most allopathic alternative medicine”.

He liked to sum up this therapy by the following formulation: “Only a bit, rarely and at the right place”. 

There are many indications for mesotherapy:

– Pain treatment

– Boosting hair growth and improvement of hair quality and density

– Face radiance boost and improvement of the skin density and elasticity around the face, neck, the neckline and on the upper side of the hand: the mesolift method.

What is the mesolift method?

Mesolift corresponds to a mesotherapy treatment used in aesthetic medicine.

This treatment can be done on the face, the neck, the neckline and on the upper side of the hand and consists in injecting in the dermis and the epidermis uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid paired with vitamins and a variety of micronutrients to hydrate the skin and give back its firmness without changing the volumes.

This nutritive and revitalizing mix enables smoothing cheek’s fine lines (it won’t be sufficient on hollowed wrinkles), restores skin’s density and boosts its radiance.

The optimal treatment recommends 4 sessions. Each session should be spaced at least 15 days apart. Then it is counselled to do a 2 sessions maintenance treatment spaced a month apart which should be repeated in spring and autumn.

However, it will be adapted to the skin’s quality at the beginning of the treatment.

The session will be preceded by the application of an anaesthetic cream 1 to 2 hours before the treatment. 

The treatment session lasts 30minutes.

There is no need for a recovery time following this treatment.

The results are visible straight after the first sessions with a feeling of a revitalized skin.

Scalp treatment and hair growth stimulation:

Hair loss is unavoidable. Indeed, it is part of the hair-growth cycle’s functioning.

It can be more or less fast for certain people due to an excessive sensitivity to male hormones, a structural predisposition, age, an unhealthy lifestyle (stress, nutritional deficiencies, etc.)

Mesotherapy enables stimulating the scalp’s vitality. It enhances its seborrheic state and slows hair loss by stimulating the root. The hair is then thicker, silkier and the global hair density is improved. 

Scalp’s mesotherapy uses a mix of vitamins originating from the vitamin-B family, specifically adapted to the treatment of keratinous exoskeletal parts, and added up to a specific mix of nutritive vitamins for the scalp.

The optimal treatment recommends 1 session per week during 4 weeks followed by 1 session a month during 3 months. Then it is necessary to do a 2 sessions maintenance treatment spaced a month apart which should be repeated in spring and autumn in order to avoid hair loss relapse.

Results will be visible after the first month of treatment.

It is important to note that mesotherapy does not replace, in any case, hair transplant. It will not enable a hair that has already completely disappeared to grow again but rather this treatment is indicated as soon as a qualitative and a quantitative capillary volume loss appears.