LED treatment:

Nowadays, LEDs or light-emitting diodes are part of our daily environment (road lighting, houses, cars).

It is thanks to the NASA’s work (topic of interest in healing in gravity) that today we use LEDs in the medical field.

The biostimulation method:

The LED treatment consists in using cold lights with specific light waves length which enables stimulating and regenerating the skin’s cells: fibroplasts.

Stimulating fibroplasts allows to enhance natural collagen secretion which is contained in our skin thus improving its elasticity and its aspect.

Depending on the color used, the LED treatment may act as a tranquilizer for an inflammation, can stimulate the patient’s immunity, improve healing, densifies and stimulates hair growth.

One of the main advantage of LED treatment is its ability to be used for all the phototypes (on all skin types).

It is a gentle and non-invasive treatment which won’t need any leave from work.

Its use may complement other treatments in order to shorten the recovery time and diminish the inflammation which occurred (following a peeling or laser treatment for example). However, the LED treatment may also be offered “alone” according to specific protocols and with a certain number of repeated sessions defined beforehand, defined by the indications.

The colors that are most often used in aesthetic medicine and their effects are:

  • Red: offers a stimulating action that will awaken the fibroblasts and increase both the collage and the elastin’s production, responsible for a better elasticity and and increase of the skin’s collagen.
  • Yellow: ideal in case of redness, it also improves both the blood and lymphatic circulation while toning the muscles, and has a draining and detoxifying effect.
  • Green: selectively absorbed by the pigmentation spots, it allows to brighten them. This type of color can also be used in hospitals in the treatment of depression and allows for a reduction of stress, a general increase in energy and an improvement in complexion.
  • Blue: directly attacks the bacteria responsible for acne without any side effect.

The treatment:

The LED light-emitting panel is applied near the area to be treated for around 20 to 30 minutes (the duration will be determined according to the protocol that should be followed). The eyes are protected by wearing special glasses or tailored shells.

It is important to do an average of 10 to 12 treatment sessions, depending on the protocol which was established and the indications, a week apart from one another.


Several protocols have been determined, combining the different colors mentioned, in pulsed or continuous light and with specific durations to obtain the best results sought, allowing for the treatment of multiple skin damages. The indications are:

– Dull complexion

– Stretch marks

– Scalp stimulation

– Acne and acne-scares

– Post-care skin care (peeling, laser, injections)

Contraindications to the LED treatment:

– Epilepsy (due to repeated luminous flash)

– Pregnancy

– Taking any photosensitive drugs