The cryolipolysis technic

The cryolipolysis literally corresponds to a medical technic which consists in destroying fat cells by freezing.

Starting assumption:

  • There are some localized fatty tissues (or unflattering bulges) which won’t totally disappear even if the patient starts a diet and does physical exercise. Lipoaspiration has been created for the latter, in 1974.
  • Adipocytes (fat cells) are cells that are more cold sensitive than the skin’s, muscles or nerves’ tissues, and their “death” can be programmed through a controlled technic of cold.

The cryolipolysis principle is therefore to destroy those fatty tissues by freezing, with no scalpel, surgery or hospitalization.

The fatty tissue is sucked up by a hand piece, adapted to its size and location, which will then cool down to a low enough temperature to destroy the fat cells constituting the first element.


The surrounding tissues (the skin, muscles, nerves and vessels) are protected.

The session lasts an hour and ten minutes (but you should count an hour and thirty minutes in total for the whole consultation).

The optimal treatment recommends 3 sessions but it will also depend on the fatty tissues’ size and on the patient’s expectations (whether it is to merely reduce the “unflattering bulges” or to make it completely disappear).

Cryolipolysis is part of a more global treatment which will combine a balanced diet and some physical exercise. It does not, in any case replace a diet. Its action is very localized.


Results after a cryolipolysis session on the stomach and hips’ area.

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